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Angelique Millis is a Certified Fitness Professional, Journalist and Lifestyle Coach living in Los Angeles, CA. As a weight loss success story who combated her vices and transformed her physique by losing nearly 40 pounds & 5 dress sizes, Angelique has transcended her passion for health and fitness into motivating & educating others on reaching their fitness potential. With a B.S. in Journalism & Mass Communications from Florida International University, Angelique is a contributing writer to several health & fitness magazines and websites including Physique Magazine, Sports Nutrition Insider and as well as a web host for health and fitness segments for Demand Media and sites including She is also creator of “The Fit in 30 Workout™, a fun and effective circuit based training program combining cardio and resistance training intervals that is designed to burn over 500 calories in 30 minutes. As President of Elite Fitness Connection (EFC), a cutting edge health and fitness firm, Angelique is dedicated to helping her clientele reach and exceed their fitness goals by creating exercise programs tailored towards their individual needs. EFC services include Personal Training, Small Group Exercise Sessions, Nutritional Lifestyle Consulting, Customized Workout & Diet Plans and are available at a private studio or on-site at the workplace through the EFC Corporate Wellness Program. Angelique is firmly dedicated to helping others improve their lives and because leading a fit lifestyle often involves a degree of sacrifice and discipline that many struggle with, she aims to write empowering content geared towards “fitness beginners” that can both inspire and guide readers as they embark or re-embark on their fitness journey. She believes that “Goals without Deadlines are Only Dreams” and that people can begin their fitness journey by taking a proactive approach to improving their health & fitness levels by setting detailed and realistic personal goals and enjoying the process. In her latest e-book “The Fit Success Lifestyle Program”, Angelique shares her tools and strategies for developing & retaining a strong and focused “life/work/fitness balance”. The book includes effective tips and techniques to develop your willpower, discipline and focus as you discover how to break barriers and bust through plateaus. Complete with an easy to follow diet plan and exercise plan you can do at home or on your lunch hour, this book is aimed at helping you maximize your mind and body’s potential by using the power of visualization, positive affirmation and goal setting. Her unique training/coaching style is transforming lives as clients reach and exceed their potential through her fun and invigorating programs & services.

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