Be ready to be Motivated, Educated & Inspired by Fitness Expert, Writer & Wellness Coach Angelique Millis.

Online Fitness Training & Lifestyle Transformation

By popular demand, Fitness Expert Angelique Millis’ new “Dream Body Online Coaching Program” will help unveil a NEW YOU! Working with all fitness levels, she will provide you with a specialized workout plan, a nutrition menu, goal setting strategies and time-saving techniques specifically tailored for your busy lifestyle.

For a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training, you will receive the same motivational coaching and results. Regardless of the resources you have available, Angelique will custom tailor workouts that require little to no equipment. She offers her clients a high-level of service and wellness expertise while holding them accountable for their detailed goals over the course of the program.

Dream Body Online 12 Week Transformation Program with Angelique Millis

  • 12 weeks of Custom Exercises
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Grocery List
  • Customized Recipes
  • 6, 20 Minute Skype Consultations (2 per month)
  • Email Access